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German Emigration Center, Bremerhaven, Germany

The Flight after the Flood.   New Orleans – The City Left Behind

February 2, 2009 - May 10, 2009

From the press release: "In a special exhibition from February 2nd-May 10th, 2009 the German Emigration Center Bremerhaven will present the aspects of inland migration using New Orleans as an example.The exhibition takes a look at the city, which was left behind through the eyes of the ones who have returned and those who had stayed. For the special exhibition the German Emigration Center will present the installation ”Floodwall“ in Bremerhaven from the artist Jana Napoli, which has already been shown in New York and Baton Rouge, Louisiana."

Read the complete press release here.


Scaffolding Configuration and Dimensions

Download a PDF file of Scaffolding Dimensions


Exhibition Video